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“Now more than ever, we need fresh perspectives and new solutions to old problems. For decades, politicians have made promise after promise and failed to deliver. We simply can’t afford more of the same. Like you, I believe it is time for new, self-made leaders with a fresh vision and outlook to take on the challenges ahead. I look forward to your continued support and helping make Jacksonville everything that it can and should be!”

Morgan Roberts

About Morgan

A Wife, Mother and Community Advocate

Our family chose to live in Jacksonville over a decade ago and we fell in love with it. As a wife and mother of 3 boys, I know our city is one brimming with opportunity and I believe we are on the cusp of truly being great. In addition to Council Members with the right tools and skillset to serve our city, we need leaders with a vision to move us forward.

Business Leader With a Track Record of Getting Things Done

After serving in various management positions in the banking industry, including Wells Fargo, EverBank and TIAA, I transitioned into operating my own business in San Marco. As our next Councilmember for District 5, I will have the same no nonsense and direct leadership approach I used in the private sector – to bring our community together to get big things done.

Ready to Fight For Our Values

On the City Council I will work to improve our quality of life, improve our roads and parks, keep the budget balanced, improve civic engagement, continue to grow our economy with smart and measured growth, support law enforcement, and most importantly – ensure that every family in our community feels safe.


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Political advertisement paid for by Morgan Roberts, Republican, for Jacksonville City Council, District 5.